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Hyena is a member of the Pack and a recurring villain in the animated series, "Gargoyles" - she almost always works in partnership with her brother Jackal.


As members of the Pack, Hyena and her brother Jackal eagerly hunted the Gargoyles, especially Goliath and Lexington after the latter tried to make a friendly connection with the Pack. After managing to escape arrest, Hyena and Jackal are sent to steal the Coyote Diamond, but Xanatos already purchased it. They try to steal it from him, but are foiled. They are then ordered to kill him, but are foiled again by the Gargoyles and sent to prison on Rikers Island along with Fox and Wolf. After being broken out of prison by Dingo and Coyote 1.0, Hyena, Jackal and Wolf battle the Gargoyles again, meeting defeat once more. Desperate to gain revenge, Hyena, along with Jackal, becomes a cyborg. After the Pack's third defeat by the Gargoyles, Hyena flees New York along with Jackal and Wolf. They arrive in Egypt, where they encounter Goliath and Lexington on the Avalon World Tour and Hyena is temporarily turned into a baby by Jackal after he becomes an avatar for Anubis. Afterwards, Hyena and Jackal part ways with the rest of the Pack, and go to Guatemala where they work for Preston Vogel to destroy the Mayan gargoyles. Hyena is sent to destroy the Mayan Sun Amulet, rendering the Mayan gargoyles helpless during the daytime. However, Lexington and Broadway stop her and arrange to have her arrested. In 1997, she is broken out of prison by her brother and wreaks havoc in Times Sqaure with him and Wolf. 

Powers / Abilities


Hyena shares her brother's bloodlust and sick sense of humor, and is the most bloodthirsty member of the Pack.


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