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Hydra - WO3
Hydra is the main antagonist of Warriors Orochi 3. It has costed many lives in the dimensional world upon appearing.


When Orochi was killed a second time, his power managed to manifest and create a monster named Hydra, a giant of destruction. One of the men who is against the Hydra, Susano'o blames the coalition for bringing the Hydra into the world. Hydra's power had resurrected Kiyomori Taira and wiped out the entire coalition in the original timeline, but the intervention of one Kaguya managed to alter the timeline. Without giving up hope, the coalition managed to obtain the Yashio;ori, Taigong Wang's invention of unspeakable power. The eight heads of Hydra are defeated but manages to take a form of Orochi before going down to an Orochi-X form. After Hydra's final defeat, the destruction of the dimensional world was unavoidable.

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