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Um, Phil, what do you call this thing?
~ Hercules
Two words: AHM SCRAY!
~ Philoctetes
The Hydra is a giant serpent-like monster that appeared as the minor antagonist in the 1997 animated Disney film, Hercules. It is based off the original Hydra, a monster that fought the original Hercules in the story.

Its vocal effects were done by Frank Welker, who also voiced other monsters such as Consuela the Spider Queen and the Spiders in Eight Legged Freaks.


In the Disney movie, The Hydra was a minion of Hades who was commanded to kill Hercules. In the epic battle, Hercules cuts off The Hydra's head by slicing at its throat from within.

The Hydra was not dead yet, and three more heads grew in its place. Hercules continued to cut off the heads in a vain attempt to kill The Hydra. Apparently, it was a jungle of heads, and Hercules seemed to be unable to kill it. Eventually, he came up with a plan, and tricked The Hydra to cause a landslide. The landslide crushed The Hydra, killing it permanently.

Kingdom Hearts

The Hydra also makes an appearance in the video game; Kingdom Hearts II.


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