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Ah, but we both know our play isn't over, Bruce. And ultimately I will emerge as the hero of our bitter comedy.
~ Hush

Tommy Elliot, also known as Hush, is a villain from the Batman series. He and Bruce Wayne (Batman) were childhood friends, but they were also each others opposite. Hush became a villain at an early age, and managed to become a surgeon.


  • Real Name: Thomas "Tommy" Elliot
  • Occupation: Surgeon
  • Base of Operations: Gotham City
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Reddish-brown
  • Height: 6 ft 3 in
  • Weight: 225 lb
  • First Appearance: Batman #609 (January, 2003)


  • Great physical strength, augmented by a hatred of Bruce Wayne
  • World-class surgeon, capable of extraordinary medical breakthroughs
  • Master of disguise
  • Determined to destroy Bruce Wayne

Batman: Arkham series

See: Hush (Arkhamverse)

Hush made an appearance in the videogame Batman: Arkham City during a side mission; he was another serial killer who has been killing people inside Arkham City by cutting off their faces in order to graft a replica of Bruce Wayne's face onto his own. He returns in a side activity in the 2015 sequel Batman: Arkham Knight.


Tommy Elliot Gotham

Younger Tommy Elliot in Gotham.

A younger Tommy Elliot appears in the television series Gotham, which takes place years before Batman's arrival. In the episode "Mask", he appears as classmate of Bruce Wayne and mocks him for his parents murder and even takes sick fascination in it. Tommy and his friends beat up Bruce, which leads to Bruce's guardian and butler Alfred Pennyworth to get Bruce to fight him back. Bruce confronts Elliot at his house and punches him several times with his father's watch wrapped round his knuckles.

This depiction differs from the comics as Tommy acts like Bruce Wayne's friend, whereas in the series he is hostile towards him.

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