Huntsmen (collectively known as the Huntsmen Mob) were citizens of Yharnam that wander the streets in search of beasts to slay, only to slowly become beasts themselves. They are some of the first enemies found in Bloodborne.


Being in the earlier stages of the scourge, the Huntsmen are still fairly human looking, but their appearance changes slightly, growing hair in various places, their skin becoming dark grey and their eyes (at least those who do not cover their eyes in honor of Master Wilhem) become cloudy and feral.

They all wear different types of men's clothing typically found in Victorian England and Europe which have become tattered and dirty.


Due to the isolated nature of Yharnam on account of the scourge, the citizens of Yharnam are naturally superstitious of outsiders. Such behavior is enhanced by the infection, causing them to see all strangers as beasts and attack them mercilessly. They are also willing to cooperate, usually acting in a mob-like fashion.

Powers and Abilities

Due to being under the earlier stages of infection, the Huntsmen do not have the advanced strength and speed most infected have, nor are they as coordinated as real hunters given their clouded, feral minds. They prefer to swarm people, using various tools they have on-hand (saws, sickles, torches, pitchforks, fire-arms, etc).


Back when the night of the scourge began, Gehrman the first hunter rallied citizens willing to act and began to kill beasts every night in order to keep the citizens safe. Unfortunately, the scourge had already infected them as well, the thrill of the hunts and the bloodshed only making their infection even worse.