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Huntsman's Minions are ogre-like monsters that where once citizens of Yharnam who were turned into hulking monsters. They are some of the first enemies found in Bloodborne.


While most humans become wolf-like monsters as a part of the scourge, these people instead become large, hulking monsters. They resemble ogres and trolls with a giant hunchback. Their clothes are tattered and are small compared to them, and some of them even wear black cloaks. They are usually seen wielding bricks or even whole columns to bludgeon people with.


Due to the isolated nature of Yharnam on account of the scourge, the citizens of Yharnam are naturally superstitious of outsiders. Such behavior is enhanced by the infection, causing them to see all strangers and beasts and attack them mercilessly.

Powers and Abilities

Unlike the huntsmen, the Huntsman's Minion possess super-strength.


Back when the night of the scourge began, Gehrman the first hunter rallied citizens willing to act and began to kill beasts every night in order to keep the citizens safe. Unfortunately, the scourge had already infected them as well, the thrill of the hunts and the bloodshed only making their infection even worse.

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