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The Huntsman is one of Calibos's henchmen and a supporting villain in the 1981 movie Clash of the Titans.

He is portrayed by Harry Jones, who is the only of Calibos's henchmen to be credited.


He is one of Calibos's henchmen and appears to be his right-hand. He is the one who is tasked to give the riddles to the princess Andromeda.

After killing Zeus's sacred herd of flying horses (with the exception of Pegasus), Calibos is transformed into a satyr-like creature and is exiled from Joppa along with his henchmen. They take refuge in a hideout in the swamps and Calibos decides to get revenge by spreading a curse on the city and giving a riddle every night to his former lover Andromeda that has to be solved by her suitors, but those who fail are burned at the stake.

During several nights, Calibos sends his Giant Vulture to abduct Andromeda's spirit and bring her to the swamps in order to give her the riddles, but one night Perseus secretly follows them riding Pegasus. Andromeda arrives and goes to the hideout while the Huntsman is waiting for her along with the other henchmen. The Huntsman writes a riddle and shows it to her, then Calibos orders her to go and the Huntsman and the others watch her leave.

Much later, Calibos and his henchmen go to capture Pegasus and manage to catch him in a net before bringing him to their hideout where they lock him in a cage. After tasking his henchmen and the Giant Vulture to guard the cage, Calibos goes find Perseus to kill him.

One night, the Huntsman stands guard in front of the cage with the other henchmen while polishing his sword, however Bubo arrives and spreads panic among them. Most of the henchmen flee away, except the Huntsman who faces him a short time before finally running away. Then, Bubo pushes a torch on the ground to set fire to the hideout and release Pegasus.

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