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The Hunter Troll is a magical creature and a villain in the Winx Club series. He is aprt of arace of trolls with the same name.


The Hunter Trolls look like humans but are fatter and larger with yellow glowing eyes and dark blue skin. They have long bluish black hair, claws on their three-fingered hands and on their feet, as well as fangs. They only wear a kind of thick metal ring going around and between their legs, and their nipples are pierced.


The Hunter Troll had 3 appearances in 4 episodes of the Winx Club TV series. The first time was when the Trix summoned one and Knut used him to smell a piece of Bloom's pants to track Bloom and Stella so as to find Stella's ring and bring it to the Trix.

He was beaten and captured by the Specialists. The second time was when the Specialists were delivering the troll to the interrogation wizards, but with help from the Trix it escaped only to be sent to another dimension so no one would ever find out about their plan to steal the Dragon Fire.

The third time was in Season 2 when the Winx went to the Resort Realm and the Trix controlled the creatures living there and ordered them to capture Bloom for them so that they could take her to Lord Darkar. Only it wasn't the same troll and there many trolls.


  • Trolls first appear in Norse mythology and the term is originally another name for Frost Giants but later, became an apart race of creatures in Scandinavian folklore, sometimes depicted as either as ugly and stupid man-eating creatures that turn to stone on being exposed to sunlight, or as being exactly like humans. In both cases they live far from human settlements and often overrun farms and kidnap people.
  • Trolls are extremely stupid magical creatures appearing in the Harry Potter series as large human like creatures that have an aggressive and unpredictable behavior.
  • The Hunter Troll is one of the very first magical creatures that WInx ever faught.