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Hunters are a series of B.O.W.s created by the Umbrella Corporation from the Resident Evil series.


Hunters are created by combining a human embryo with reptile DNA and then placing the T-Virus in the result. They are bipedal, reptilian monsters with large claws and fangs. Hunters are considered some of the most successful of Umbrella’s B.OW.s, since they aren’t hard to create, have considerable fighting skills, and follow their programmed commands well. Some branches of Umbrella have even attempted to duplicate the success of Hunters through their new lines of B.O.W.s.


MA-121 Hunter α

MA-121 Hunter

The MA-121 Hunter α

MA-121 Hunter α is considered the first marketable B.O.W. and was created and developed by Albert Wesker and William Birkin in the Spencer Mansion research facility. James Marcus released a number of MA-121 αs in the midst of the T-Virus outbreak in the Arklay Mountains to take out Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen. A number were also stored in the Arklay Research Facility and it appeared that a few of them took to hunting throughout the Spencer estate. More MA-121 αs showed up in Raccoon City during the T-Virus outbreak, having encounters with the Umbrella Security Service and Government Spec Ops. The terrorist group, Veltro, also released a number of knock off MA-121 αs in the city of Teragrigia during their attack on the city. These Hunters would also be found on the Queen Zenobia and a Veltro base that had been abandoned. Despite the MA-121 α having highly positive results, Umbrella continued research in variations on the Hunter. The MA-121 α would eventually be rendered obsolete by the MA-125 Hunter R.

MA-121 Hunter β


The MA-121 Hunter β

The MA-121 Hunter β is a variation on the basic Hunter created using data collected from the MA-121 α in the Arklay Mountains. The MA-121 βs possess a large left claw, are much quicker, and have an enhanced nervous system, letting them dodge gunfire better. However they suffer from a lack of fighting skill and numerous tumors on their bodies, blocking their vision and adding a very noticeable weakpoint. The MA-121 βs were being transported to Raccoon City to receive a final analysis on their combat capabilities before receiving mass production. But when the T-Virus outbreak began, the MA-121 βs escaped into the city.

MA-124 Hunter γ


The MA-124 Hunter γ

The MA-124 Hunter γ is an amphibian variation on the Hunter, created by Umbrella Europe in an attempt to create a successful amphibian B.O.W. after the failure of James Marcus’ Lurker. The MA-124 γs are created using amphibian DNA as opposed to reptile in their creation and lack eyes and fangs, instead possessing a huge mouth that they use to swallow their enemies whole, as well as small claws on their hands. Unlike Lurkers, the MA-124 γs possess a reasonable level of intellect, but their amphibious nature makes it so they cannot deal with dry air or heat and need watery environments to stay alive, so they are very difficult to keep. MA-124 γs were being grown and harvested in a lab in the Raccoon City Hospital and took up residence in the damp areas in the hospital’s basement. A variation on the MA-124 γs that lacked claws were also kept in the water treatment facility below Raccoon University. Though not favored for mass production due to their need for specific conditions, production of the MA-124 γ continued for several years.

MA-125 Hunter R

MA-125 Hunter R

The MA-125 Hunter R

The MA-125 Hunter R is an enhanced version of the MA-121 α, considered the next step in developing the Hunter, and possesses spikes on its back and smaller claws. The MA-125 Rs were developed in the Umbrella Lab underneath Raccoon City and in another above ground facility. They were brought to the above ground facility to be used as a means of testing the strength of Tyrant R. However when the G-Virus mutated Birkin went on a rampage, it caused a number of MA-125 Rs to escape. They killed numerous Umbrella researchers until the temperature controls were drastically lowered and the freezing temperatures forced them into hibernation. But a group of people trying to escape Raccoon City had to return the temperature to normal in order to get an elevator working. The MA-125 Rs were freed, but the survivors managed to kill them. More of these Hunters terrorized the survivors in the above ground facility until Tyrant R was released, which hunted down the MA-125 Rs.

Hunter II


The Hunter II

The Hunter II is a version of the Hunter developed by the Organization that Wesker worked for. These are apparently enhanced versions of the MA-121 αs and are directed to their targets by small surveillance devices called Seekers, which call the Hunter IIs to their prey by emitting a special frequency. A number of these Hunters were used by Wesker and his forces when they assaulted the Rockfort Island base so as to find the T-Veronica Virus.



The Sweeper

The Sweeper is an enhanced version of the Hunter II, possessing red skin, light purple scales, red eyes, and purple veins. While their method of attack is the same as the Hunter IIs, they have venom covered claws, making them even more deadly.

Hunter Elite

Elite Hunter

Two of the Hunter Elites

The Hunter Elite is a creation of Umbrella Europe, made as part of their attempts to make a version of the Hunter that was stronger than all the others. These Hunters have higher attacking strength and agility than any other breed, as well as much more resilience, taking much more gunfire before dying. Hunter Elites also have a hand that lacks claws, which may have been designed to help them climb on surfaces. However this makes them unable to attack more than one target at once since they only have one clawed hand.



Some of the Glimmers

An unintended creation of Umbrella, the Glimmer is a variation on the Hunter. They tend to live in dark spaces, where only their numerous glowing eyes allow them to be seen and tend to hunt in pairs. One Glimmer gets their target's attention while another tries to attack from behind. These creatures are quite fast and lack claws, thus they have a different method of attacking than the other Hunters, leaping on the target and vomiting. A number of Glimmers showed up in the partially submerged sections of Umbrella's Atlantic Facility where Bruce McGivern came across them.


Farfarello scan

A Farfarello

The Farfarello is a type of Hunter created by using the T-Abyss Virus on Hunters, developed by the terrorist group, Veltro. They are stronger and larger than normal Hunters and gained a number of aquatic qualities, such as the ability to camouflage themselves to blend into their surroundings and turn transparent. However having two viruses in their systems have made Farfarellos even more aggressive and harder to control than normal Hunters.

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