Hunter (Babar)

Hunter hit by Babar the Elephant

The hunter is the main antagonist of the first five episodes of the Babar Series.


The Hunter is a man with the hammerless side-by-side double-barrelled shotgun that has a single selective trigger that fires both barrels. However, in Babar: King of the Elephants (1999), it has double triggers, each firing one barrel.


The Hunter is highly skilled in hunting for Elephants.


In the First Episode, He appears chasing the Elephants and killed Babar's Mother. Babar rams the hunter in revenge. In Episode 3 and 4, the hunter leads a group of other hunters to kill Babar and his friends. In Episode 5, The Hunter and his men took part of the War with the Jungle Animals. Until his men set fire on the Jungle. Angered, the hunter finally speaks as his henchmen leave in fear, "No! Come ba-a-ack!" But the other hunters didn't listen. It was then the hunter yelled out, " You can't run! I won't run! I'LL DESTROY THEM A-A-ALL!!!!!!!!!" As he screams, as he is engulfed and killed by the fire.


  • The Hunter in the first five episodes was actually a Poacher in attempt to use the tusks for ivory.
  • The Hunter is simiar to Man because they both killed the main character's mother when they were were a baby and both were killed by Fire in both Forests and Jungles.