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Hungry Monger
Harabeko Monger
, (Gold Dust, Pepper Dust (Defense).

Put Guld Dust in the water. The water was mixed in with rice during a picnic. Misa, Vul Panther, and a few kids ate the rice. Later spread Gold Dust on to an old guy meal. Later at a tennis court where a tennis champion was practicing tennis with someone with help from Amazon Killer. Threw dust in a ventilation system in which breathed in by a scientist. They could not stop eating. First fought Vul Panther then Vul Shark and Vul Eagle came and saved Vul Panther. Hungry Monger first spread Gold Dust and Pepper Dust. Then retreated from the fight. Part of Amazon Killer he was trying to have Misa, Vul Panther, guy, tennis champion, and the scientist to keep on eating uncontrolably in a castle. The plan was squashed by Vul Shark and Vul Eagle. Used Gold Dust to make Vul Panther think of eating and then turned into a trap for Vul Panther. Vul Shark and Vul Eagle crushed that chance. Grew after Sun Vulcan Ball. Finally defeated by SolarSword with Aurora Plasma Return.

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