As his name would suggest, the Hungry Bear is a scarred bear marked by his constant hunger. He is always searching for food. And that sometimes includes trying to eat the protagonist Domo. Provided he isn't stopped short of his goal by hunger cramps.


In his main show appearance, Hungry Bear appears when Domo wanders into the woods while looking for his baseball. Domo encounters Hungry Bear and tries to be friendly. Hungry Bear initially doesn't do much due to his hunger pangs, but soon abducts Domo and tries to cook him in a pot. However, Domo escapes, prompting Hungry Bear to try capturing Domo for a meal. After much effort, Domo manages to exhaust Hungry Bear and becomes hungry himself. Hungry Bear flees when Domo tries to eat him, the episode ending on a shot of Domo biting Hungry Bear's butt.

From what can be seen in the episode, Hungry Bear is a loner who has a distinctive scar under his left eye and another on the side of his stomach. He is naturally a feared presence. The fox and bear child run in terror at the sight of him while, ironically, Hungry Bear was running in terror from the hungry Domo.

Domo: The Journey

Hungry Bear reappears as the main antagonist of the iPad/iPhone/iPod game Domo: The Journey. He abducts Domo's friend Tashanna as the two are watching the clouds. Domo then travels the globe to find Hungry Bear and rescue Tashanna. He appears more athletic and less prone to hunger cramps in this incarnation.