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The Hungarian Mirror Trap

The Hungarian Mirror Trap

It's been a while since I seen the Hungarian Mirror Trap.
~ Maxim Horvath about the Hungarian Mirror Trap.

The Hungarian Mirror Trap is an ancient magic spell that traps someone into a mirror. This magical trap which is used by Balthazar and Horvath, is one of the most powerful spells in the 2010 Disney fantasy movie The Sorcerer's Apprentice.


This mystical trap spell is originated in the European country of Hungary centuries ago. Many spellcasters both good and evil used this spell to trap someone or sealed away something into the reverse world, a pocket dimension behind the mirrors.


A sorcerer cast the spell to a mirror they wish to use as mirror trap, either via touch, or via blast of magical energy into the mirror that transform the mirror into one. Once cast, the mirror will ripples like water if someone/something approach it. If someone enters/blasted into one, they will immediately enter the reverse world. Other people can see who trapped in the reverse world due to the captive's own reflection visible in mirror or anything that has reflections.

According to Balthazar Blake, the only way for someone to escape was by going back through his/her own reflection in the reverse world.


Balthazar used the Hungarian Mirror Trap on Horvath when he and Drake Stone attacked Dave Stutler. He easily defeated Drake and locked Horvath in the bathroom mirror at the New York University. Horvath later breaks free from the mirror.

Horvath use the Hungarian Mirror Trap this time on Dave and Balthazar, they foiled the trap spell and escaped.



  • The Mirror Trap Scroll

    The Mirror Trap Scroll

    There is a special artifact within Balthazar Blake's sorcerous arsenal, a magical artifact called the "Mirror Trap Scroll". This mystical ancient gadget, which of Hungarian origin, is used to counteract the Hungarian Mirror Trap.

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