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The Humanoids are the main antagonists of the 1980 film Humanoids from the Deep. They also appeared in the 1996 remake of the original film.


In order to create the perfect the amphibious soldier, the United States army recruited death row inmates to a unique program. With the use of a mysterious chemical given by Dr. Drake, the mortal men were transformed into bizarre, half-man half-fish hybrids! With the viciousness of a shark, the beasts were deemed too aggressive and ordered to be terminated, but the aquatic creatures escaped. Entering the sewers of a nearby town, they found their way to the open ocean.

The creatures began to attack relentlessly, slaughtering men and abducting, and raping, women. As their numbers increased, so did their chances for survival. Normally they would have died off due to a lack of a constant flow of protein, but thanks to the chemical growth serum Synestin being illegally dumped to increase the size of fish, they flourished! As the creatures continued to rape and pillage, a resistance began to rise. The numbers of missing women had their friends and loved ones enraged.

Using Synestin, they hoped to lure one of the Humanoids in and tag it, allowing them to track it back to their lair. After their plan failed, Dr. Drake was taken by one of the creatures. To make matters worse, the town’s annual carnival by the sea was about to get underway! In the attack that killed many, the group managed to tag one of the beasts and track it to an underwater, rocky lair. A team of divers planted bombs at the entrance, but didn’t worry about the kidnapped women.

Taking it upon themselves, they stole some of the diving equipment and ventured into the underwater lair of the beasts. As the women had already started fighting back, setting a fire fed by dripping oil from the rocks, the two men succeeded in saving the trapped women. Just as they swam toward the shore, the explosives went off. In a massive underwater blast, the entrance to the lair was sealed, killing the creatures inside. One final beast managed to survive and attacked the army commander, but with a storm of bullets and flamethrower blasts, it too was brought down.

Thankfully, pregnancy tests on the survivors proved negative, or so they thought. Just as they were released, one retest came up positive on Dr. Drake. Sitting in the middle of a huge traffic jam, her stomach began to expand and a new generation of Humanoids was about to be born.


Special ability

The Humanoids have extremely long tongues that they can launch from their jaws to catch prey or potential mates.


Birth Scene - Humanoids From The Deep (1980)

Birth Scene - Humanoids From The Deep (1980)