Humanity Front is an anti-augmentation human supremacist organization and is one of the antagonist factions in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. While relatively peaceful, the organization has members who are radical and one of its leaders was a member of the violent off-shoot, Purity First. While it seems like a typical average political movement, in reality it is secretly controled by the Illuminati and it helps advance the secret society's agenda.



The organization was first founded in 2021 after a shale mine worker in Utah had his arm amputated in order to get human augmentations as he was fired due to augmented workers having more strength and are more wanted than non-augmented ones following a lawsuit. Humanity Front was formed after the case and when the US Supreme Court had granted the right to be a constitutional right and was incorporated into Utah to protest the Supreme Court's decision. In 2022 a group in Brazil had protested the opening of a new LIMB Clinic in the country but it opens up anyway.

Events of Human Revolution

During the events of the game, Humanity Front plays a major role as it is seen in the game rallying public support for deceasing human augmentation across the nation and seeks to pressure congress into passing legislation to due so. In 2027 they have stagged a protest outside the Sarif Industries HQ in Detroit and possible stage regular daily protests outside the local LIMB Clinic in the city. That same time, Humanity Front is leading a campaign to pressure the US Government into regulating human augmentation when the Sarif Industries HQ is attacked by The Tyrants. The organization condemns the terrorist attack but it begins to lose support after the attack as they are possible suspects in the attack despite many dedicated fans and supporters.

Notable Members