Humanity's Last Stand was a Marvel Comics radical anti-mutant fringe group and enemies of the X-Men. The group's first appearance was in Uncanny X-Men Annual 1995.


Humanity's Last Stand were behind the creation of a false Mutant Liberation Front, formed by human members of H.L.S. posing as mutants. The humans use drugs and or technologically enhanced suits in order to mimic mutant powers. The goal of this is to discredit mutants. They also attempted to murder humans who sympathized with mutants which led them to battle the Punisher and his allies.


  • Simon Trask - Founder and brother of Bolivar Trask. He has a technological wire in his body.
  • Eli Garibaldi
  • Joelle Guthrie - Quit.
  • Tim Preacher - Quit.
  • Lieutenant Commander Coral Trent
  • Commander Jared McGee
  • Sean Lockwood
  • Hound
  • The Razors - Robots with techno-organic armor. They were later found and utilized by the Cabots against the Guthries and the X-Men
  • The Shepherds - Robots incorporating Nimrod technology.

Mutant Liberation Front

Agents of Humanity's Last Stand, this group were normal humans given drugs or costumes to empower them. They claimed to be mutants in order to defame mutants. One of their major tasks was the attempted assassination Reverend William Connover. Among its members are:

  • Deadeye (Antonio LeBlanco) - He wears armor that allows him to fire plasma blasts from his eye. He is a former Mafioso. He is slain by the mutant-obsessed X-Cutioner. His corpse is destroyed by Blast Furnace to prevent an autopsy.
  • Deadeye II - A clone of the original. It was presumably slain in the destruction of Humanity's Last Stand's base
  • Blast Furnace - A robot that could incinerate compromised members. It is operated by remote control. After destroying Deadeye's corpse, it destroys itself.
  • Blast Furnace II - A second version of the original/ It was destroyed by the Punisher.
  • Corpus Delecti (Charles Spencer) - A melding of a dead person and mechanics. This entity has superhuman strength, immunity to most forms of harm and a personal energy field. When the teams original mission is compromised, he is incinerated by Blast Furnace.
  • Corpus Delecti II - A clone of the original. Killed by the Punisher.
  • Blindspot (Rose Smith) - She could generate flashes of light from her hands. She is killed by Simon Trask when she refused to battle the Punisher.
  • Thermal (Harry Riddle) - He could generate blasts of heat or cold. He is likely killed when Simon Trask destroys their base.