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Human flying fish


One day in a lighthouse, a man named Victor Bragg and Dr. Krill watch as Aquaman uses his fish-telepathy in order to catch a number of smugglers making their getaway on a speed boat. Bragg figures that there is no way to beat Aquaman, however Dr. Krill tells Bragg of a special operation which would turn him into a human flying fish. With newfound powers based on the flying fish, Dr. Krill predicts that Aquaman would not be able to stop Bragg. Bragg under goes the operation and is transformed into the Human Flying Fish. Soon he is sent on missions to steal sunken treasure and other items of value from under the sea, out performing Aquaman each time and making his escape in a helicopter that Dr. Krill has waiting for him each time.

Eventually getting wise to the Human Flying Fish's tactics, Aquaman devises a trap for the crook, luring him to appear when he makes a false report of a priceless cargo of uranium that was lost at sea. Taking the bait, the Human Flying Fish attempts to steal the uranium (really an empty container) and is soon incapacitated when Aquaman summons electric eels to his aid. He then uses sword fish to knock down Dr. Krill's helicopter and the two crooks are arrested.

Sword of Atlantis

Later, Human Flying Fish is a criminal for hire, working for Vandal Savage, as well as an organization called Trident. He is charged with incapacitating and capturing Joseph Curry, the new Aquaman. He succeeds, but is later knocked unconscious in a fight and not seen again.

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