Iron Ogre Hulk Davidson is an agent of Jadow and a villain from the video game and anime; Viewtiful Joe.


After Joe reached the top of the Rhino Hotel in the city, he could hear Hulk Davidson singing to himself. When he managed to enter the Iron Ogre’s office, Hulk demanded to know what he wanted, asking Joe if he knew he was in charge around there. However Joe just told him not to flatter himself and said he was just an old attraction in Movieland. Though angry for a second, Hulk realized that Joe had called the world Movieland and leapt out from behind his desk, asking Joe how he knew this and noted that was quite interesting. Hulk then demanded to know where Joe was from, before saying he was surprised someone from the real world knew about Jadow’s plans. He then declared that it wouldn’t matter when he was done with Joe, before asking about the V-Watch on his arm. Joe said he was there to avenge Captain Blue and Hulk angrily demanded to know if Joe knew who he was, saying that he was the one who gave Captain Blue his scar. Hulk said that Joe would be lucky to get away with his life and engaged Joe, only to lose and be destroyed.


Hulk is quite strong and bulky, weighing it at one ton, and wields a large battle-axe, which he also uses to protect himself from enemy strikes. He can leap high into the air to land on and crush his enemies, throw his axe like a boomerang, and charge at his opponent, using his horns to impale them. In the room he fights Joe in, Hulk can call down firebombs from the ceiling, fire missiles from a battery in his desk, and summon extra axes from openings in the ceiling when the one he was using is destroyed.


  • HULKanime

    Hulk in the Viewtiful Joe anime

    Hulk had the same voice actor as Fire Leo, Kevin Michael Richardson.
  • When he asks Joe about his V-Watch, Hulk asks him if he thinks he's some kind of “Mega Man or something”, which is most likely a reference to the Capcom character of the same name.
  • 198px-HulkPoster

    The poster of Some Like It Red Hot

    Hulk is portrayed as extremely unintelligent in the anime series despite the fact that he shows some measure of intelligence in the game, realizing that Joe wasn’t from Movieland when he knew it was called that.
  • On the poster for the “Some Like It Red Hot” level, Hulk is depicted as a giant monster, climbing a building with Silvia in his grasp, which is meant to be a parody of King Kong.