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~ Hulk's famous catchphrase.

Hulk, AKA the Incredible Hulk or simply just Hulk, is often portrayed as a hero to fans of the comic series of the same name, published by Marvel - however the Green Giant has done some horrific things in his time and has always been a force of questionable morality: although a caring being at heart Hulk often lets his rage guide him and can become a savage monster when he unleashes his full rage... and as any Hulk fan knows the angrier Hulk becomes the stronger Hulk becomes, Hulk also tends to lose control of his sanity when he does this and can go into a berserker rage in which nothing - be it friend or foe - will be left standing. Also, the Hulk's possibly most amoral and selfish incarnation, the Grey Hulk spent an extended period of time working as an enforcer for a crime boss under the alias "Joe Fixit". In many cases, though, the Hulk has either been possessed by outside forces, rendered entirely mindless, or simply provoked beyond the point of endurance by the many, many misfortunes and tragedies he has suffered throughout his life.

For the sake of Villains Wiki we shall include only events and stories in which Hulk is a villain rather than the countless stories of him in a more favorable light, in short this is the place where we can read about Hulk's most despicable and/or savage moments.

Hulk's Worst Moments


Before he even became the Hulk, Bruce Banner killed his severely abusive father Brian in self-defense. Brian attacked Bruce at his mother's grave and Bruce fought back and kicked Brian, causing him to fall and fatally hit his head on Bruce's mother's tombstone (ironically Brian had murdered his wife right before a six year-old Bruce's eyes years before). The police found Brian the next day after Bruce reported him missing. Rain had washed away all the footprints and the police closed the case as a random mugging. Bruce blocked out the memory of this for many years; in a later story he stated that Brian's death was calculated, citing the many rampages he had been on as the Hulk in which no-one died, due to Banner maintaining some subconscious control.

Nightmare Possession

Under the manipulation of the demon known as Nightmare Hulk was reduced to a savage state and committed a lot of damage, killing quite a few innocents (or at the very least causing enough damage that it could have easily resulted in deaths). Eventually Doctor Strange was forced to transport him to another dimension (although he eventually returned).

Separation Anxiety

In yet another attempt to cure himself, Banner immersed himself in an experimental nutrient bath and successfully physically separated himself from the Hulk; this resulted in a truly mindless Hulk who escaped and went on another rampage, destroying an entire town and battling the Avengers, before it became clear that Banner and the Hulk would destabilize and die without each other. The Hulk was eventually recaptured and he and Banner were placed in the nutrient bath to remerge; however thanks to General Ross' attempt to sabotage the process caused the reappearance of the original grey Hulk - the most unpleasant and thuggish Hulk incarnation.

Horseman of War

For a brief while Hulk was under the control of the mutant arch-villain known as Apocalypse and became his Horseman of War.

World War Hulk

One of the most prominent story-arcs in which Hulk was a villain (or at the very least antagonist) was the popular World War Hulk saga - although Hulk's actions could be argued as justified he did pose a major threat to the world during the run of this series and fought many of Marvel's heroes as he tore a path of destruction across the world.

World War Hulk began after the green hero was exiled to a distant world by the Illuminati (a group of prominent Marvel heroes) via a shuttle-craft, supposedly for the good of humanity - however Hulk would soon learn to not only free himself from the gladiatorial battles of that world but became its new ruler: gaining a wife and child in the process.

However Hulk's happiness was not to last long as the shuttle the Illuminati had used to catapult him into space exploded, bringing Hulk's new home and family crashing in a blaze of destruction, enraged and devastated at the carnage Hulk gather a group known as the Warbound and headed to Earth with one intent: to destroy those responsible for this atrocity.

As with most stories involving Hulk the green behemoth is not malevolent as such in this saga and arguably he is the victim, it is his methods however that are debatable - although he relented from killing certain heroes he had planned on attacking (such as Xavier - who Hulk decided had suffered enough following M-Day) he was more than happy to severely beat hundreds of others, such as the Avengers, X-Men and more. Hulk also used the world as his personal battlefield and while arguably being more sparing of human life than you average conqueror was still engaging in what amounts to an act of war against humanity.

Ultimately the events of World War Hulk were revealed to have been deliberately worsened by the traitorous Warbound known as Miek who was revealed to have known of the shuffles iminent explosion but had kept quiet so as to usher in what he considers the Hulk's destiny as a world breaker, Hulk immediately flies into a rage at Miek and pummels him along with the other Warbound for what he did - however due to the immense rage Hulk felt at the great betrayal Miek has committed he began to emit energies that threatened to destroy the world - this is when Hulk redeemed himself as he asked Tony Stark to end it before he could destroy the world: Stark replied by triggering several satellites to knock Hulk out and revert him back to Banner.

Alternate Versions

Marvel Zombies

Main article: Hulk (Marvel Zombies)

Much like the other superheroes, the Hulk became an even more aggressive man-eating zombie.

In other media

Ultimate Avengers

The Avengers VS The Hulk06:40

The Avengers VS The Hulk

Hulk in one of his more antagonistic roles in Ultimate Avengers: The Movie.

Hulk is a much more aggressive antagonist in his brief but memorable appearance in the Ultimate Avengers Movie - here Banner has been suffering greatly due to the Hulk and has resorted to taking drugs to stop the transformation, however he also desperately wants to prove himself and as such stops taking his medication.

Eventually near the end of the movie Banner gives in to his savage side and becomes the Hulk, this Hulk proves to be completely savage however and after attacking the alien invaders instantly begins to assault the Avengers: seriously wounding the team and threatening to kill them - however he is ultimately calmed by Betty long enough for Black Widow to inject him with a heavy sedative, which turns him back into Banner once more.

Hulk Vs. Wolverine

Hulk appears as a very brief antagonist of sorts in Hulk Versus Wolverine but it is revealed near the end of the movie that Hulk has actually been aiding people against the villainous Weapon X Program - however due to Wolverine's aggressive nature he and Hulk clash continually, though in fairness to Hulk he is acting mostly out of self-defense in this movie rather than malice so his role as an antagonist is heavily debatable.

Hulk Vs. Thor

In the movie Hulk Vs. Thor the green giant is forcibly removed from Bruce Banner by the evil magic of both Loki and the Enchantress, at first Loki takes command of Hulk and uses him as a pawn to invade Asgard - however Loki's arrogance proves his downfall as he ignores Enchantress' warning about Hulk being too difficult to control.

Soon Hulk breaks free of Loki's command but without Banner's influence is a savage monster, instinctively drawn to a slumbering Odin, Hulk carves a path of destruction across Asgard - his rampage being opposed by Thor, god of thunder.

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

In the animated television series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Hulk is normally a hero and joins the Avengers, but is at one point mind-controlled by Enchantress and attacks and battles his fellow Avengers.

Hulk also single handly caused millions, maybe even billions of damage when he goes on his rampages.

In the episode titled The Private War of Doctor Doom, the Hulk has bullied the Thing and gave him threatening comments including him and the robots getting killed.

The Avengers

In the movie The Avengers, Loki manipulated him into bullying the Black Widow and Thor. However he turned to the heroic side we all know when he re-joined the Avengers during the Battle of New York, which ended with him beating Loki brutally.


  • Hulk's skin was gray instead of green in his debut appearance and he transformed when a full moon was out.
  • Hulk is similar to Burai from Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger, the series that was adapted for first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:
    • Both are associated with green color.
    • In Ultimate Avengers, Hulk goes to the dark side and begans to fight against other Avengers. In Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger, at the beginning Burai fight against other Zyurangers finding complete the vengeance of his father killing to Geki but finally it reconciles with his brother and joins to the team in his fight against Bandora.
    • Hulk is founder member of The Avengers. Burai was original leader of Zyurangers.


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