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Hulex are a flea-like species.


Hulex are brownish cockroach/flea-like creatures with 1 purple eye, antennae atop their heads and large jaws. They have 6 limbs, 2 functioning as arms whilst 4 of them appear as legs.

Food Around the Corner

They land on a planet which is actually Gravattack. They start to dig into Gravattack's core which causes him pain. Max Tennyson wonders if he is okay. Driba uses a machine that shrinks Rook and he grapples into Gravattack. Rook tells the Hulex to stop but they start attacking him. Rook defeats some of them. They start to throw grenades at him which can be seen on Gravattack.

Later, the Hulex Colonel and the rest of the Hulex are stuck on a white surface. They jam the flag into it which is actually Poltroon. Poltroon starts to scrath himself. When he sees the Hulex, he falls down.


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