3 Ninjas Snyder

Hugo Snyder

Hugo Snyder is the main antagonist in 3 Ninjas. He is played by Rand Kingsley.


Snyder is a former student and partner of Mori Tanaka (Rocky, Colt, and Tum Tum's grandfather). Snyder's an arms dealer, who was once an FBI agent. One day, Sam Douglas, the boys' father, who is an FBI agent, performs a sting operation with FBI Agent Green against Snyder to buy warheads. After knocking out Agent Green and fleeing the warehouse via helecopter to return to his hideout, he explains to his assistant Mr. Brown and henchman Rushmore his relationship with Sam Douglas and that Mori used to be his trainer. Later that afternoon, he pays Mori a visit and sends his rookie ninjas to test Mori and his grandsons, which they pass. After learning that the boys are Sam Douglas' children and Mori's grandchildren, he threatens Mori and the lives of his family if he doesn't get Sam Douglas off his back.

Later on, he has Mr. Brown arrange to have the boys kidnapped. He orders Mr. Brown to call his nephew Fester and his buddies to do the job. After that plan backfires, Snyder sends Mr. Brown to kidnap the boys, where they are transported to Snyder's freight ship in the harbor and held prisoner. As the boys trick the guard of their cell and escape, they encounter several guards on the ship and eventually become surrounded by them. After defeating them, the boys fight Rushmore, Snyder's henchman and defeat him as well. After that, Mori jumps in and reunites with the boys and then Snyder appears for the final showdown, where Mori and Snyder fight each other. After it looks as Snyder has won, Mori sticks jelly beans into Snyder's mouth and then defeats him. In frustration, Snyder grabs a gun from one of his suboridnates and prepares to shoot Mori. Just as he's about to pull the trigger, Sam Douglas shoots Snyder in the arm from the top of the ship. With the ship surrounded, Snyder and all his men surrender and they are taken to jail.