You can't outsmart me. I'm a ninth-grade science teacher, for heaven's sake!
~ Dr. Krassman to Kermit

Dr. Hugo Krassman is the main antagonist of Kermit's Swamp Years. He is a science teacher who is Mary's boss.

He is portrayed by the late John Hostetter.

Krassman tries to get the frogs in the swamp for his biology class at George Washington High School. His antagonism to frogs was due to a childhood trauma, when he intended to prove a frog talked to him, but he was embarrassed.

One day, in his biology class, when he is about to dissect Croaker, he, the other frogs, Mary, and the high school students keep chanting, "Let the frogs go!". Suddenly, Krassman changes.



As a young boy, Krassman was forced to dissect his very first frog in biology class (as revealed in a flashback sequence in the film). However, right as he is about to do so, the scared frog tells Krassman to stop. This shocks the young Krassman as the frog spoke to him in perfect English and when he asks the frog what he said, he repeats himself. The teacher orders Krassman to dissect his frog, but he protests that he can't as the frog spoke to him. This causes the students to surround Krassman, teasing him and calling him a "Froggy Pants." Krassman insists the frog spoke to him and in order to prove so, he tries to get the frog to tell the students what he said, but the frog remains silent. Fed up with the teasing, Krassman shouts that he is not a "Froggy Pants" and asks for them to stop, only for them to continue.

It is unknown what happened to Krassman afterwards.

Kermit's Swamp Years

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  • Although unconfirmed, it is possible that his surname, Krassman, is a reference to Professor Max Krassman, a minor villain from The Muppet Movie.


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