Andore AKA Hugo
, (real name Hugo Andore), was once a villain and a former member of the organization; Mad Gear. Both he, and his closest friend Poison, left the organization roughly the same time. Hugo became a wrestler with Poison as his manager.


Hugo was a thug of Belger, and fought Haggar and friends. After he was beaten up by Haggar and co, Hugo decided the criminal life was not for him. He then joined the Third Annual Street Fighter tournament with his manager Poison. After defeating Gill, Hugo recruits Ryu. Ryu says he will join if Hugo beats him. Hugo succeeds, and Hugo and Ryu become International Wrestling Partners.

In Ultra Street Fighter 4, Hugo gets into a gang war between Mad Gear and Skull Cross. Hugo throws a truck at the Skull Cross and cries when everyone there dies. He eats potatoes, and joins Seth's tournament. He reunited with Poison, and after Seth's death, Hugo joined the League again and became the greatest wrestler in the world after beating Zangief.


He is oathish, big and stupid. He is usually Poison's bodyguard, and will appear next to Poison in a snap of the fingers. He thinks he is number 1, and will often brag too far. He also seems to like potatoes, as his mom told him to grow as big as one. He is from Germany, so he often says German Words during matches. He is a bad guy, but not as bad as M. Bison or Seth.


Moonsault Toss- He tosses the foe in the air, and belly flops them.

He can also mimic Zangief with Lariat, and a terrifying Backbreaker, which breaks his foe back.


-Hugo is based off of Andre the Giant, noting his rivalry with Alex, who is based off of Hulk Hogan.

-Hugo's last name is pronounced An-Dor-Ray.

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