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Hugh Kane is a ghost and is the main antagonist of Scary Movie 2. and he is a parody of Hugh Crain of The Haunting and Reverend Henry Kane of the Poltergeist film series as well as Pazuzu in the start of the film. He is the ghost of Hell House, the haunted house in the film.

He is portrayed and voiced by Richard Moll, who also voiced another ghostly character, the Grim Reaper in the Dante's Inferno videogame and he also played Big Ben in the 1986 comedy horror film House.


Hugh Kane was alive in the 1700s and lived in Hell House, he was a very rich land owner and seemed to want children to inherit his possessions but despite raping all his mistresses he never had any. He became more of a monster each day and finally he was caught having sex with his mistress (despite not having children) and his wife walked in on them and saw them cheating so she killed him.

Hugh Kane's ghost had possessed a young girl named Megan Voorhees (who is a parody of Regan McNeil) who was in the house, and he insulted everyone he met. Her mother couldn't take it and hired two exorcists but the exorcism went awry and Hugh vomited everywhere, causing a vomiting chain. Afterwards, the priests couldn't do the rituals because of Hugh's insults, so finally he insulted Father McPheely's dead mother; the priest replied by shooting the girl dead.

Later, when Professor Oldman hired the house as an experiment for insomnia, actually intending to prove ghosts were real, Hugh Kane immediately attacked the teenagers as soon as they spent the night there. Hugh has possessed his immortal cat Mr Tiddles, making him fight Cindy, but she fought back, although Hugh eventually won by throwing kitty litter in her face and scratching her. Later, Hugh possessed a clown Ray had, and almost raped him to death, but Ray turned the tables and rapes the clown doll instead. Hugh possessed a marijuana plant Shorty had, making it grow gigantic and try to smoke him, but Hugh was distracted by some Doritos and Coke and dropped Shorty and left.

Later, Dwight the asisstant realized Hugh was becoming more aggressive and Buddy found out the house was haunted. They tried to leave but Theo seduced Dwight so she could steal his keys. Then Hugh Kane locked them all inside once the ghost of his mistress killed Oldman. Hugh Kane possessed his skeleton and tried to chase Cindy and Brenda but Brenda rearranged the skeleton, pointing out what's so scary about bones. Hugh had to walk off humiliated but he came back, hoisting Buddy up by his pants, (giving him a wedgie) but then he threw Buddy and Cindy in the freezer room, hoping to freeze them to death but then Cindy escaped.

Hugh Kane pursued Dwight to the top floor where they both had a wild wheelchair race, with Hugh riding his own ghost wheelchair. After trading cowboy insults, they prompting some doves to fly overhead (with one of them defecating on Dwight). Hugh glided and shot right through Dwight, vanishing, and leaving Dwight to shoot out the window and fall right into the ground when Hanson the caretaker would not hold on. Hanson was then possessed by Kane.

Hanson was pursued by the girls to the cellar where he fought them all but Cindy was his match, she summoned a tornado to destroy Kane but was unsuccessful, and Kane left Hanson. The final showdown was in the house's main hall, where Cindy summoned Kane out but he fell downstairs. They got the machine ready to destroy Kane and Dwight pressed the button which caused energy to combust Kane up with both Dwight and Ray pulling Cindy away from the platform safely.