Hugh Howards was a villain in the 2000 AD comic strip Judge Dredd. He was an eccentric trillioniare who abducted children of wealthy business men and replaced them with robots.


While Billy Jones's mother was tucking him in bed, the Judges led by Dredd break in and place Billy Jones onto the chair where they proceed to rip off his head, revealing itself to be a robot. Dredd reveals that the reason he was replaced by the robot was due the father being head of the Plastoid Industries and the robot was placed to get the father's secrets. Dredd then sets a trap by making the robot stop working, so a agent was sent to investigate and after sneaking into Billy's room, Dredd reveals himself and forces the agent to reveal who the culprit is and he reveals it's Hugh Howards, the eccentric trillioniare who's holding them at the Howards building. At the penthouse prison, Howards debriefs with his board of directors. He reveals about how he is able to get information about Mega-City One's top twenty industries using the kidnapped children's robot duplicates. He then forces the kids to stop crying by force-feeding them and then while he gloats about his power, the Judges reveal themselves and proceed to kill several of Howard's men and arrests the rest. Dredd then proceeds to go after Howards and encounters him on the roof, who is holding Billy hostage, and Howards then stumbles and falls down with the hostage, but Judge Giant managed to catch the child while Howards falls to his death.