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On his way to the City Arena Center, Huge Head is run over by Pops's flying car, and then Pops accidentally stole Huge Head's place during the wrestling match which made Huge Head vow to get revenge on Pops. In "Men In Uniform", Huge Head was stalking and plotting revenge on Pops for 4 whole years while staying hidden in the bushes. Huge Head wanted to attack Pops when the time was right and managed to do so. Unfortunately, Huge Head got sucked into the hole as well for being so hideous and tried to take Pops along with him. Fortunately, Muscle Man (who was being sucked in as well) caused Huge Head to go into the hole. Huge Head's head was too big and ended up getting stuck between dimensions which left him as a huge head floating in mid air. This proved to be beneficial to the park employees who used this to gain publicity and Huge Head was proud since he got to achieve fame. Sometime later while the park employees were in space he died and all that is left of him is his skull.

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