Hudson's Buff

Hudson's Buff

Hudson's Bluff is a seaside region outside the coastal town of Santa Carla, California where the Lost Boys' cave lair is located. The Cave as it is also called, contains the sunken ruins of a Victorian-styled hotel destroyed in the 1906 earthquake.


The Cave is where David and the Boys' sleep and live. It was once a Victorian Hotel that was known as the “hottest resort” in Santa Carl. It was back about 80 years ago in 1906 when the “big one” hit San Francisco, the ground opened up and the Hotel took a header into the crack. The Hotel was built right on top of the San Adreas fault.

Sam Emerson and the Frog Brothers entered thecave within this location, but while knowing they were the enemy territory, they were helping Sam's brother Michael to rescue Star and Laddie. they succeeded and escape Hudson's Buff, but were soon later followed and hunted down by David and his gang.



  • Husdon's Buff is probably based on the Valencia St Hotel in San Francisco.
  • The Cave is sometimes referred to as the Atlantis Hotel by fans. In early drafts of The Lost Boys scripts the hotel has a mural depicting it's original proprietor, Max The Master Vampire.
  • The Cave entrance is located in the now closed Marineland Park in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Rancho Palos Verdes, California is about 380 miles south of Santa Cruz.
  • Other shots of Hudson's Bluff are Gray Whale Ranch in Santa Cruz County, CA. Gray Whale Ranch is a part of Wilder Ranch State Park. Gray Whale was closed to the public in 2002 due to habitat degradation.
  • The Cave's Interior were created on Stages 12 and 15 at Warner Brothers studio.

Hudson's Bluff is home to the Santa Carla light house. The one shown in the opening scene is the Mark Abbott Memorial Lighthouse in Santa Cruz (home of the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum). It's approximately 6 miles east of Wilder State Ranch.