Hubert Smalls

Hubert Smalls is the main antagonist of Pierce the Veil's music video for their song, King for a Day, featuring the main vocalist from Sleeping with Sirens, Kellin Quinn.

Music Video

Vic Fuentes and Kellin Quinn work as bankers and their boss, Hubert Smalls, asks them to stay overnight at the bank to correct the sales values. While the two stay overnight, they find out that Mr. Smalls illegally transferred over $2,000,000 to a private bank is Switzerland. This was probably the main reason why they and the rest of the employees got a pay cut the week beforehand. After some time, Fuentes and Quinn meet with robbers who planned to rob the bank. However, while they do rob the bank, a part of their plan changed to help the two bankers out and make sure Mr. Smalls gets what he deserves. Vic and Kellin re-enter the bank again in black suits while the gang of robbers meet at the bridge and enter the building shortly after. One of the robbers catches and ties up Mr. Smalls and forces him to give them the code to the safe where he stored all the money while another pretends to hit Kellin. The robbers get into the safe along with Vic and toss the money back to the other bankers that was cheated from them. Mr. Smalls, tied to a chair, is surrounded by the robbers and gets shot at by them. However, he gets doused in water instead as it turns out the guns were filled with water instead of bullets. Mr. Smalls, realized that he has been cheated, remains tied to the chair for the police. Afterwards, the robbers and the bankers celebrate their success as they successfully retrieved the money they deserved back. On a tv with the news on, it's revealed the Mr. Smalls was sentenced to 25 years in prison for his crime.