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Fanglongmon (Xros Wars)
Huanglongmon is a minor villain in the second season of Digimon Fusion.


Huanglongmon is a Mega level Digimon that resembles a golden wingless dragon with eight horns on his back. Huanglongmon as twelve orbs that a hovering on his back, and a total of eight eyes, three on each side, and two in the middle.

Digimon Fusion

Huanglongmon is a members of the Bagra Army. He serves as the Right-hand of one of the Dark Generals; Dorbickmon. OmegaShoutmon fought against Huanglongmon and his army. After Fanglongmon was defeated, Huanglongmon was absorbed by Dorbickmon so he could become;
Dorbickmon Darkness Mode (Fanglongmon)

Dorbickmon Darkness Mode (Fanglongmon)

Dorbickmon Darkness Mode. to defeat OmniShoutmon. The rest of Huanglongmon's army was later absorbed by Dorbickmon to become Dorbickmon's ultimate form; Dorbickmon Darkness Mode (Dragon Army). After Dorbickmon was defeated by ZekeGreymon, Huanglongmon's data was also deleted.


All of Fanglongmon's minions are also Dorbickmon's minions.


  • Taikyoku
  • Oukai
  • Koutei no Kiba
  • Dragon Smash


  • Fanglongmon is one of the five Digimon Sovereigns. He's known as the Yellow Dragon of the Center