Hsiao Mi

Hsiao Mi and Hsiao Chiun are father and son and they are the main villains in Bruce Lee's "The Big Boss".

They run an ice factory that acts as a front for his drug cartel.

When they murdered Cheng Chao-an's (Bruce Lee) family, Cheng Chao-an fought Hsiao Mi's gang and killed them all. During the end, Hsiao and Cheng battle after Hsiao Mi's gang have all been finished by Cheng. After Hsiao throws a knife at Cheng, Cheng dodges the throw and kicks the knife back at Hsiao and Cheng then thrust the knife into his body, therefore killing him, ending their drug ring.


  • Hsiao Mi's actor, Ying-Chieh Han, also played Feng in "Fist of Fury". But, unlike Hsiao Mi, Feng is a minor antagonist while Hsiao Mi is the true main antagonist.