Howard Strong is a supporting antagonist in the critically aclaimed Sci-Fi dystopian RPG shooter, Deus Ex. He's a high-ranking member of Majestic 12 and is a friend of Bob Page as he often assists him with his plans.

Character Bio

Howard Strong first appears where he is leading a large regiment of MJ12 Soldiers, Commandos, and a few Men in Black where they launch an all-out assault on the Missil Silo, an X-51 Base, to capture or kill the base staff. Howard does the raid by orders of Bob Page to secure control of a nuclear missile and to launch it at the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. JC Denton hears about this after he gets the schematics of the Universal Constructor's Unit and heads towards the Silo Base. JC is sent in to deactivate and disarm the missil but he instead reroutes it towards Area 51, MJ12's headquarters.

Howard then runs into JC as he confronts him at the chamber where he is onboard a forklift and is trying to deactivate the missile's thrusters manually. Howard is acompanied by Commandos, MiBs, and Chaing Arcbot M2 drones, all of whciha re the toughest enemies in the entire game. Denton whips them out using LAMs and Plasma Rifle and faces Howard head on. By the end of the confrontation, he is dead as the player must either kill or incapacitate him.