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We survive at all costs. Only to butcher again. And again. Until we ourselves are at last butchered in turn.
~ Howard Howe
You'll be all right. You'll be all right, Mr. Tusk
~ Howard to Wallace after knocking him unconscious.

Howard Howe is the main antagonist of the 2014 horror/comedy film Tusk by Kevin Smith. He is a serial killer and a former sailor with a disturbing fascination for walruses.

He was portrayed by Michael Parks best known for his portray of Sheriff Earl McGraw in many Tarantinoverse movies.


Howard Howe was a Duplesses orphan who suffered years of sexual and physical abuse at the hands of the clergy who was housing him. As a result, he despises the human race.

Howard escaped from the orphanage and hopped on a boat and never looked back.

Wallace and Howard

When podcast host Wallace Bryton travels to Canada to interview an internet celebrity nicknamed "Kill Bill Kid" just to find out he committed suicide, Wallace refuses to return to U.S.A without a story so he stays to see if he finds one. He finds a handbill from someone offering a room in his home for free and the guarantee of hearing a lifetime of interesting stories. His interest piqued, Wallace arrives at the mansion of Howard Howe, a retired seaman in a wheelchair. Howard tells the story of how a walrus, whom he named Mr. Tusk, rescued him after a shipwreck. Wallace then passes out from the secobarbital laced in his tea that Howard made for him.

Howe's Plan

Wallace wakes up numb on a chair with Howard starring at him, Howard lies to Wallace telling him that a brown recluse spider bit him and a doctor called Mosseeay had to amputate his left leg but in the process the doctor stepped on Wallace's phone breaking it, as Wallace starts to suspect Howard is lying, Howard not only reveals that he can still walk, but lays out his plans for Wallace: he plans to fit Wallace into a perfectly constructed walrus costume, so he could have his dear Mr. Tusk back.


Howard reveals his insanity

Wallace finds his phone intact and attempts to contact his friend Teddy and girlfriend Ally but neither answer their phone. It is then revealed that Ally and Teddy are in fact lovers. Wallace leaves Ally a voicemail apologizing for how he treated her, and Howard surprises him and knocks him unconscious. Now aware that Wallace is in danger, Ally and Teddy fly to Canada to look for him. Back at the mansion, Howard continues to mutilate and alter Wallace, while telling him his orphanage story. He sews Wallace into a walrus costume made of human skin, complete with tusks made of the tibia bones from Wallace's severed legs.

As days past, Howe tries to convince Wallace that he is a walrus now by forcing him into learning how to swim and feeding him with fish.

Bartholomew Mosseeay and Guy LaPointe


Howe as Bartholomew Mosseeay

A local detective puts Ally and Teddy in touch with Guy LaPointe, a former Sûreté du Québec inspector who has been hunting Howard for years. LaPointe reveals that Howard, nicknamed “The First Wife"(because his victims are mutilated from the mouth and legs but never sexually abused, just as the first wife doesn't let you talk, go anywhere and never wants to have sex), has been kidnapping and murdering people for years; he says he believes Wallace may still be alive, but not as they remember him.


LaPointe meets Howe/Mosseeay

LaPointe tells them the story of how 2 years before he without knowing it, met Howard Howe once under the name of Bartholomew Mosseeay posing as a senile funny-talking old man. They eventually find Howard's address through two convenience store clerks, whom Wallace had annoyed earlier.

Mr. Tusk


Howard and Wallace/Mr. Tusk

By now, Wallace’s psyche has been completely broken and has been conditioned to think and behave like a walrus. Howard reveals that his obsession with walruses comes from killing and eating Mr. Tusk six months after living on the island, although a rescue boat arrived soon after. For the past 15 years, he has attempted to turn his victims into his beloved savior in order to relive their last day and give Mr. Tusk another chance at survival. Dressed in his own homemade pelt, Howard engages in a fight with Wallace.

LaPointe gives Ally and Teddy guns and he carries a shotgun, they arrive to Howe property, as they hear Wallace screams they find Howard's house, they break in and look for Wallace, meanwhile Howard forces Wallace to release his inner beast, Wallace hears Teddy and Ally looking for him, Howard tells Wallace that now his survival instincts have kicked in, but so has his, so he breaks his walrus costume an raises a machete to kill Wallace, but Wallace impales Howard foot with his tusk, Howard falls to the ground in pain and Wallace repeatedly stabs Howard in the chest with his tusks, as Howard dies, he tells Wallace that he really is Mr. Tusk, Howard dies just before Ally and Teddy find them, horryfied by the scene, Ally starts crying, LaPointe arrives and raises he shotgun against the monster Wallace has become as Ally begs LaPointe not to shoot him.


One year later, Wallace, still sewn into the pelt, lives in a wildlife sanctuary. Ally and Teddy visit him and feed him a mackerel. Ally remembers a discussion she had with Wallace the day before he left for Canada about how crying separates humans from animals, because crying shows that you have a soul. Ally tells Wallace she still loves him before walking off crying. Tears run down Wallace's face as he bellows, implying that the human part of Wallace may not be completely gone.