The House of Evolution (in Japanese: 進化の家, Shinka no ie) is a villainous organization from One Punch Man. The group was founded by Dr. Genus, and it's main objective is to pursue the evolution of humanity through genetic manipulation. Dr. Genus seeks to capture Saitama, in order to study his body to further his goals.

The House of Evolution is comprised of the numerous clones of Dr. Genus, who work as the staff of the organization, helping the scientist on his studies, as well as the many monsters created through his research, who act as field workers. Their headquarters is on a eight-stores tall building in the middle of a forest, though their main facilities is hidden underground.



After the partial destruction of its headquarters and the death or defeat of its strongest warriors at the hands of Saitama and Genos, the organization appears to be effectively defunct. Although the doctor and some of his clones survived, he gave up his experiments after watching his most powerful artificially evolved creature, Carnage Kabuto, killed easily in his strongest form by the inexplicably powerful Saitama.

He now runs a Takoyaki shop along side his clones and Armored Gorilla.