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There is an order to the universe — laws that all of nature must obey.
~ Hotaru in his Mortal Kombat: Deception biography.

Hotaru is a civilized warrior from the Realm of Order and the leader of the Seidan Guard, the Orderrealm's very own military police force. He is also a minor anti-hero from the Mortal Kombat series of fighting games.


Hotaru was a warrior from Seido, also known as Orderrealm or the Realm of Order.

Eventually he encountered the Earthrealm warrior, Shujinko, who after quelling a riot led by Darrius, convinced him to go to Outworld to save a city in Outworld that was under attack by Shao Kahn's Tarkatan warriors. Hotaru protected the city from Shao Kahn's forces, since the overlord of Outworld was a great enemy of Orderrealm, due to that fact that he brought only chaos to his realm. However after many years at this post, Hotaru found out that the Tarkata no longer fought under Shao Kahn, but now served Onaga.

He believed that the Dragon King could bring order to the universe and pledged his services to him. Hotaru eventually set out to capture the Lin Kuei Grandmaster, Sub-Zero, so as to bring him to justice before Onaga. But he didn't know that Dairou, a former Seidan guardsman, was hunting him for the bounty on his head.

Hotaru later joined The Forces of Darkness alongside Havik. Hotaru along with every other kombatant save for Shao Kahn perished in the final battle, but not before Hotaru killed Li Mei.

In his ending in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, Hotaru defeated Blaze and became the essence of Order itself. He the converted all the realms into the model of order, forcing everyone to bow to him or be transformed by his power. Hotaru also transformed Havik into his lieutenant.

Powers and Abilities

Hotaru is able to conjure lava in the form of bright and powerful blasts, that can also blind his opponents as well as harm them. He also has great martial skill.




  • Hotaru's name means firefly, which is referenced by the insectoid appearance of his armor and his blasts of bright light.
  • Like Reiko, Hotaru's name in Japanese is a feminine one.
  • He is voiced by Paul St. Peter who also voiced Xemnas.

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