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Hotap 2
Hotap is a character that appeared in the cartoon show episode "Papa's Family Album", mostly in a flashback story that Papa Smurf told his little Smurflings in the present point of the episode. He was an evil imp magician who wanted to capture the Smurfs and turn them into gold, so he sent his goblins to go find the village and capture the Smurfs. With most of them being Smurflings at that point, and with Papa Smurf dumped into a deep hollow chasm, they were relatively defenseless. Fortunately, Brainy managed to escape capture and used his wits to help keep his fellow Smurfs from being turned into gold with Hotap's smelting machine. However, Hotap spotted Brainy and turned Brainy's book into a snapping jaw creature to chase Brainy away. Papa Smurf, who had released himself from his prison, appeared in Hotap's lair to duel with the imp, using his magic to destroy the smelting machine. Hotap vanished before the machine exploded and was never seen again.

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