Hota Wata is many of the monkeys and apes that rebel against Mojo Jojo and a Japanese Macaque.
Hota Wata


After the take over of Townsville, he built two aqua heaters thats floats on water. he destory the dam and plans to drown the world with boiling tidal wave.

The PowerPuff Girls stop his plans by making a hole in the street and he is suck in the vortex.

Hota Wata demise

Abillites and Traits

Imunned to boilng tempter of water and able to swim, sharp teeth, super intelligent, sharp claws and seem to be the only monkey to aquatic due to Mojo Jojo's unexpected experimental side effect.

He has a light Japanese Accent and speak english, even though his species is from Japan and was move here. He is intelligent, calm, harsh and a short temper as said "boiling mad."
Hota Wata domination


  • He was voiced by Rob Paulsen, same voice of Yakko from Animaniacs and Ditto and Octangon Vreedle from the Ben 10 series.
  • His species is a Japanese Macaque, also known as the Snow Monkey. as his Japanese accent & appearance implies.