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Margarite: Lewis, it's the hot tub. I did some research, man. It used to have a stripper pole in it. They banned it because some tubs, when they get struck by lightning, they come alive! The hot tub is alive, and it escaped from a mental institue, and did some rapes... Lewis: What are you saying Margarite? Margarite: I'm saying, the hot tub, is a murderer.''

~ Margarite explaining the Hot Tub's evil nature

The 70's Hot Tub was a villain in the animated TV series American Dad! and the main antagonist in the episode "Hot Water".


It was once an regular used hot tub owned by a guy named Joe Lacard. They had fun parties and had good times until Joe met a girl. After Joe married her and had a family, it was never used again. However after getting struck by lighting, it came to life and killed the family. It was sent to a mental hospital but later escaped. It was found at some point and taken to Little Shop of Hot Tubs. However, it started developing a hatred of families.

Hot Water

Stan is drawn to a used hot tub in the store's back room that the salesman, Margarite, tries to talk him out of purchasing. Stan ignores him, buying the hot tub and taking it home with him. There, he learns that the hot tub can talk, tempting Stan into using it (Dip a Toe). This eventually leads to him and Francine having their most intense sex ever (Hot Tub of Love).

Francine starts to worry about the hot tub's effect on Stan, and orders him to stay out of it. That night, after a party, the tub eventually becomes evil and draws Stan to it, leading Francine to give Stan an ultimatum: the tub or her (Do Whatever You Like). When Stan chooses the tub, Francine packs the rest of the family and leaves for her parents' house (Daddy's Gone).

Still unable to shake his suspicions about the hot tub, Margarite investigates its past (Research). As soon as Margarite learns the truth about it, he informs Principal Lewis. Margarite and Principal Lewis go to Stan's house and try to alert Stan there, but find out he's not at home. Principal and Margarite search for the hot tub and discovers it inside the house. Principal Lewis tries to drain the hot tub, but ends up being swallowed by it. Margarite tries to escape in his car, but the hot tub shoots its water inside his vehicle, causing it to crash and kill Margarite. The hot tub then draws Francine back home, imitating Stan on the phone. Stan discovers the deception and returns home just as the hot tub swallows Francine. After the hot tub explains its first killing spree and his backstory about families, Stan unsuccessfully tries to recover Francine. The hot tub jettisons Stan through the roof, leaving him sprawled on the pavement across the street (Psychotic Hot Tub).

At the last moment, Stan remembers the "Spa Down" given by Margarite for "calming down" his tub; unfortunately, he succumbs to his wounds. Cee Lo announces that Stan is dead, ending the episode abruptly. It is also possible that Francine died too. But since this was a non canon episode, the Hot Tub and the events/deaths that happened were never real. This is proven when Stan, Francine, and some others are later seen alive in the next episodes.


  • The Hot Tub shares a few similarities with Maestro Forte from Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas.
    • They are possessed objects that could talk and attack by using their surroundings.
    • They try to make sure the male protagonists (Stan and Beast) remain their best friends by any means necessary, even if it meant trying to kill the female protagonists (Francine and Belle).
    • During the climax, they turned against their owners/masters by attacking them.
    • Both sang songs to manipulate their masters
  • But unlike Forte, the Hot Tub succeeded into accomplishing his goal.


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