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Hot Rodney is a villain in the Super Secret Secret Squirrel segment of the 2 Stupid Dogs series.

He and Secret Squirrel were having a drag race and he will do anything to win. He attempted to get Secret Squirrel out of the race by giving him a choice between losing the race or losing Morocco Mole (who was kidnapped by Hot Rodney's monkey henchman) by being blown up on a building far from the finish line. Secret Squirrel managed to stall Hot Rodney by placing a stoplight in front of him which will remain at stop until Secret Squirrel could rescue Morocco Mole which he did by flipping the switch of the dynamite belt off. After passing Hot Rodney, he tried to catch up while Morocco Mole threw stuff at him and Morocco accidently threw the engine which caused the good guys to lose the race.

While Hot Rodney was bragging about his victory, Secret Squirrel gave him the dynamite belt as a reward but not before Secret flipped the switch back on and as Hot Rodney drove off he was blown up.

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