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Hostile Program
The Hostile Program is a minor villain in the video game; Kingdom Hearts II. It's a computer program created by the MCP while Sora was in Space Paranoids.


Upon realizing the threat of both Tron and Sora, the Master Control Program, or MCP had Sark deploy a special program virus called the Hostile Program. It caused chaos for the computer world as well as the real world in Hollow Bastion. Eventually Sora and Tron encountered the Hostile Program. The Hostile Program spotted the two, and processed to fight them. After a long battle, the Hostile Program was defeated. After defeating the Hostile Program Tron gives Sora the Photon Debugger Keychain.


  • The Hostile Program is the few bosses in Kingdom Hearts II that isn't a Heartless, a Nobody, has nothing to do with the Heartless, or anything to do with Organization XIII.

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