Hoshiwa is one of the generals of the Phantom Empire. She is the second female member to appear.


She has long light blue hair styled in thick ringlets and purple eyes. She wears a pink dress with some areas lined in black and a hat with a red apple on it. She also wears pink platform shoes and pink and black-striped tights. She also holds an umbrella.


A long time ago, Hoshiwa along with the other generals and Queen Mirage, was sealed inside a box called Axia. The box was in the Blue Sky Kingdom when someone opened it and released them. Queen Mirage took control over the kingdom and Hosshiwa started to spread sorrow around the world as she demanded. She can also disguise herself to fool the Cures.


She is very selfish and demanding lady and also desires everything. She is also a mistress of disguise, deceiving the Cures and likes to talk down to others she considers pathetic. She does not like Phantom because of him spreading his crystals around the city when she should be spreading her sweets around the world.


Like the other commanders, she can trap the people in the mirror and create Saiarks and she also uses the umbrella. It is unknown if she can use the umbrella in battles. She can also disguise herself to fool the Cures, having disguised herself as a damsel in distress in episode 5 and an idol to challenge Cure Honey in episode 10. In episode 20, she used the umbrella to shoot the beam.


  • She is the first villain who uses an umbrella as a weapon. Similar to Penguin from DC comic.
  • Her name means 'desired'.
  • Her voice actress also voices Kaoru Kiryuu and Foop.
  • She is the second female villain who wears a hat preceded by Marmo.
  • She is first villain with pink as a theme color.
  • She is the second villain who used a disguise to deceive the Cures, after Ms. Shitataare and Kawarino.
  • She is based on the poison apple from Snow White.
  • Her Saiarks create an environment covered in desserts and sweet foods.
  • Her name look similar to Hoshina.
  • She is also the shortest villain, after Shibiretta and Majorina.