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One of the Horus guards

Horus Huards are enemies from the stargate motion picture who have been occationly seen in the TV series. They are Ra's henchmen and guards on the planet Abydos.


They are male humans that wear helmets resembling the Horus egeptian god and are themselfs venerated as gods by Abydos's inhabitants. They are eventually destroyed when the civilisation of Abydos turns against Ra. They also seem to take orders from and be less in charge than the Anubis Guard wich differently from them consists of only one man. A notable actor that played one of the guards in the film was Djimon Hunsou.

Depection in Stargate SG1

The Horus guards also appeared in one episode of the TV series Stargate SG1 although with minor differences for example in the series the guards are not Humans but instead they are a race genetically engineered that are a cross between Humans and the Goa-uld race.