The Four Horsemen of Nyarlathotep (also known as the Horsemen of Nyarlathotep) are a quartet of demonic beings that are servitors of the Messenger of the Outer Gods, Nyarlathotep. They first appeared in the comic book series "Fall of Cthulhu" and they are said to be regarded as belonging to the Million Favoured Ones.

Known Four Horsemen

  • Sysyphyx - also known as The Scourge of Atlantis, she is a multi-eyed shape-shifting worm, but she may also appear as a cyanotic red-headed fat woman).
  • Gr'nuk of Volkunast - he is a ravenous, winged demon.
  • The Masked Mute - she appears as a young girl with innumerable masks to display her mood, since her true face has to be of indescribable horror).
  • Gith - also known as the Father of Pestilence and Champion of Damnation, he appears as a banded man with blue flames in place of the eyes).