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The Horseless Headless Horsemann (real name Silas Mann) is a non-playable character in the video game Team Fortress 2 and appears to be a main villain in the 2010 Halloween Mode.


The Horseless Headless Horsemann has an eerie ghost appearence, simply appearing as a clothed skeleton with a lit, rotting Jack-O-Lantern for a head. He dons a pitch black cloak, glowing purple and ripped, probably from several battles, as they reveal his boney insides. The cloak has no sleeves, revealing his two humeruses, but his forearm bones and hands are coated in pairs of black, leather gloves. He has a belt wrapped around his waist with an axe shaped, evily grinning head for a belt buckle.
Unusual Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker

Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker

Though he has no pants covering his legs besides a few rippings from his cloak hanging down over them, he dons a pair of thick boots and wields his comically large, grinning axe that decapitates all in its way.


TF2 Nightmare on Mann Manor pt03:57

TF2 Nightmare on Mann Manor pt.1

TF2 Nightmare on Mann Manor pt07:49

TF2 Nightmare on Mann Manor pt.2


  • It's actually possible to craft his Headtaker. All you need is two refined metal, a Scotman's Skullcutter and a haunted Metal Scrap.
  • By getting 20 pumpkins in Halloween mode, you can unlock his hat.

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