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Well, well, well! The Brothers Grim: Smashed, Broken, and Sunk!
~ Thomas describing the lorries after their defeat.

The 3 Horrid Lorries

The Horrid Lorries, are a trio of troublesome lorries that hate railways, that are mean, rude, and love to cause trouble for the engines. They are referred to as Lorry 1, Lorry 2, and Lorry 3. They did everything they can to take the engines jobs, they called Percy a little green goblin on wheels, insulted Thomas & James, and told Toby to toodle off to a museum. But ended up getting their just desserts when Lorry 1 sunk, Lorry 2 overloaded with flour and broke down, and the 3rd fell of a cliff and smashed into pieces. After that, they were sent away as punishment, and Thomas referred to them as smashed, broken, and sunk. They never came back again.


In the late 1990's, ERTL released the Horrid Lorries as part of the successful ERTL die-cast "Thomas & Friends" toys.

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