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Fast food kills, f--ker!
~ Horny the Clown

Horny the Clown is the main antagonist of the comedy-horror "Drive-Thru" and is a twisted parody of clown mascots such as Ronald McDonald as well as serial-killers in fiction. In life Horny was a nerdy kid who was bullied relentlessly by his peers, climaxing in a tragic death when he was set on fire on his Birthday - thus he returned from the grave as a vengeful demon, taking the persona of Horny the Clown and murdering everyone who ventured too near the fast-food diner he used to work at. Horny the Clown was immortal and almost invincible but had some vulnerabilities that allowed the evil clown to be defeated in the end - though at the very end of the movie Horny the Clown suddenly reappears in the typical fashion of other slasher-killers such as Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees.


Archie Benjamin was the son of Jack Benjamin, the owner of a Fast Food Restruant Hellaburger. Archie played the Restraunt's mascot, Horny the Clown, so he was picked on a lot lately. He fell in love with a girl named Marcia, who had a boyfriend who didn't like him. So on the day of Archie's birthday in the Restraunt, Marcia and her friends played a prank on him by having one of them chase around the Restraunt's with a clown mask and a meat cleaver. Archie crashed into the table with his birthday cake where the candles set the Restraunt on fire, burning Archie to death. However, years later, Archie comes back from the dead to get his revenge on Marcia and her friends, but instead of killing them he goes after their children. So in the beginning of the movie, two gangsters named Brandon and Tony go to Hellaburger with their dates, Brittany and Tiffany, to order. There, Archie, now wearing a demonic version and calling himself Horny th Clown, messes with the two gangsters through the drive thru, causing them to hunt him down in the Restraunt. Horny kills Tony by dipping his face into a deep fryer and kills Brandon by chopping body. He then goes after the dates by striking one of them through the windsheild and kills the other one off screen. By the end of the first act, Archie chases after Marcia's daughter, Mackenzie through the school after killing her friend Val by having head trapped inside a microwave and kills the janitor, Eddie by having him hanged by an electrical cord. Mackenzie escapes, but the authorites believe Eddie did the killings and committed suicide due to his past record. By the second act, Horny the Clown kills a couple, Chad and Tina, in a horror themed rideby chopping Chad's head off and hacking Tina to death. Mackenzie's boyfriend, Fisher witnesses it, so Horny injuries him and let's him take the blame. Then, back at the Restraunt, Horny kills two Stoners, by chopping one the in the head, and beats the other one to death with the butt of his cleaver. After Mackenzie figures out about Archie's past, she, Fisher and two of her friends, Star and Van, they go to Archie's father's place to investigate. There, he kills Star by hacking her limbs off and stuffing her into the freezer and kills Van by slicing his body in half. He then attacks Mackenzie and Fisher. Horny knocks Mackenzie out and struggles with Fisher, after a struggle, Fisher gets Archie's mask off revealing his burned face. Upon seeing Archie's eyes, Fisher's own eyes become blood red and Archie throws out the window door. Archie then sets Mackenzie up in the Restraunt with her dead friends at a table while she's tied up to a chair. There Archie reveals that he wants to kill Mackenzie on her Birthday just like her Mother did to him. Archie then proceeds with his plan by pouring gasoline all over Mackenzie and prepares to burn her with the Birthday candles. Fortunately, Marcia arrives and shoots Archie. While untying Mackenzie, Archie gets back up and strangles Marcia, but doesn't kill her. Archie goes back to burn Mackenzie, not realizing that she drank a bottle of whiskey she had and spits through the candle's fire, setting Archie on fire again. While Archie moves around in fire, Mackenzie and Marcia get away and watch as Archie burns to death. However, Fisher is at the the Hospital with his eyes still blood red, and when Mackenzie and her mother arrive to see him, they find that he is gone. The. Back at the Restraunt, one of the movies detectives orders through and is surprised to see Horny the Clown jumping on his car and gets killed through the windsheild, leaving us to believe that Archie is now possessing Fisher.


"Order up, bud!"
~ Horny's first line in the movie
"Employee of the month is about to fuck you up!"
"You want fries with that?"
"Sorry homie, but that just ain't gonna... CUT IT!"
~ when his second victim pleas for mercy
"When you die alone, no one can hear you scream!"
~ To a tied up Mckenzie when she screams for help
"Do you wanna die BITECH?!"
~ Horny To Brandon Meeks
"Say cheese!"
"Hurt you? I ain't gonna hurt you, I'm just gonna bash your brains in. I'm gonna bash them RIGHT THE FUCK IN!!!
"All work and no play makes Horny a dull boy."
Make a wish
~ When McKenzie ask where Fisher is
"You eyeballing me, Boy!"
~ Horny before possessing Fisher
"Have a Hella nice day!"
~ Horny's last line at the end of the movie
~ To the Detective at the end of the movie
Jack, oh Jack. WAKE UP!!! Our guests are here, Daddy! It's party time!
~ Horny speaking to his Dad through the TV


Horny the Clown may have been inspired by other horror villains:

  • Freddy Krueger for their sadistic but humorous personalities, as well as being burned to death.
  • Jason Vorhees for wearing a mask, especially with Horny's mask looking similar to a hockey mask with the holes in the mouth.
  • Pennywise the Clown as both are clowns and have some supernatural abilities.
  • Jack Torrence for two lines of dialouge and for one scene where after Horny chops a door down, he says "Little pigs, little pigs, let me come in!" Which is very similar to Jack's line before he chops the door down.