Horntail is a high-level boss character from the South Korean MMORPG Maple Story. The appearance of a giant three-headed dragon bosses final boss was proud of its reputation as the strongest once. It also boasts a state of the most serious unlike maple daunting when compared to other monsters of this time. Appearance of death is also different from other bosses. Unlike regular boss who just fell helplessly deception, slice in half and flies die if one of the giant statue.


The first dragon that's ever stood up against the dragon chief, Nine Spirit, who was the former ruler over Minar Forest. Horntail assembled an army of evil dragons to create an evil force that instigated the historically-known Dragon War. Horntail seemed to be the more powerful one at the beginning, but Nine Spirit's longstanding experience and wisdom as a leader seemed to overpower Horntail's inexperience. In the end, Horntail broke the Pact between the dragons and Halflings and attacked the Halflings' village, stealing the egg of Nine Spirit which they were protecting. This was a crime that no dragon known as the guardian of order should have committed. Ultimately, Horntail overthrew the reign of Nine Spirit, and the forest was conquered by the demonic servants of Horntail. Since then, no traces of true, honorable dragons could be found in the forest. Horntail (that has three heads and, subsequently, three different minds) is currently hiding in a cave to heal his wounds, and plotting to rule the regions even past Leafre using the egg of Nine Spirit.



  • The Japanese Maple Story With 10 cross coin and could proceed without clearing quests. But in Korea, even after the quest has been deleted.
  • Often at the center of power, greed and heads the bluff, the left head is only exceptionally worldly-wise and noticed quite a few to know, the right head to be the most intelligent of the three heads.
  • Horntail's Boss BGM is famous for the music to flow among the majestic backdrop of the tension considerably MapleStory music filled. Came later in the game, MapleStory DS from Nintendo.