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The Hornets are robot soldiers in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. They are drone-like yellow robots with very limited intelligence and lousy accuracy. These robots are Emperor Zurg's staple military force.

Appearance and capabilities

Hornets are yellow, bipedal machines with insectoid-like features, befitting their namesake. Their hands can morph into triple-barrel laser cannons, which serve as their main weaponry. They are also capable of flight.

In addition to being used as foot soldiers and cannon fodder, Hornets are sometimes used by Zurg as infiltrators and spies.

Individually or in small groups, Hornets are quite easy to defeat due to their fragile build. A single blast from a Space Ranger's wrist laser will destroy a Hornet instantly. In some cases, Space Rangers have beaten Hornets using hand-to-hand combat alone. Also, due to their limited intelligence, Hornets can be easily fooled or distracted. Only in large groups do Hornets actually pose a real danger.


  • They are similar to Battle Droids from Star Wars. Both are the villain's henchmen. Both are mass-produced. Both have terrible aim. Both seem to dangerous only in large numbers. Though, unlike Battle Droids, the Hornets never speak.
  • According to The Good, the Bad, and the Robotic and the August 2000 issue of Disney Adventures,

the Hornets are programmed to respond to every command with the phrase, "Obey Zurg!". However, they never spoke a word in the series.

  • They are never seen with a weapon other than arm-mounted laser cannons.
  • They appear as enemies in the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command video game.
  • They are also commanded by Warp Darkmatter.

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