The Horned Witch

the Horned Witch

The Horned Witch is one of the secondary antagonists of the 2013 film Hanse & Gretel: Witch Hunters. She is one of Muriel's primary assistants, along with the Red Haired Witch. As her name suggests, she is defined by a row of horns on her head. 

She is portrayed by Ingrid Bolso Berdal.


The Horned Witch collaborates with Muriel and the Red Haired Witch to gain an immunity to fire, abducting twelve children in a nearby village to do so. The Horned Witch and the Red Haired Witch test Muriel's potion one a captured child, killing him and boiling him down for the magic brew. The potion makes the Horned Witch immune to fire temporarily, but it wears off eventually.

The next day, the Horned Witch, while in the forest, is lured into a trap when she notices what seems to be a lost child. The Horned Witch tries to capture the lost child, but discovers it to be a scarecrow. She is subsequently captured by Hansel and Gretel, who interrogate her for the whereabouts of the lost children. However, the Horned Witch telepathically communicates with Muriel, leading to the witches attacking the village to rescue her and capture the final girl needed for the potion.

On the night of the Blood Moon Sabbath, the Horned Witch takes part in the sacrifice. However, as Muriel prepares to kill Gretel and harvest her heart, Hansel interrupts, demanding that Gretel and the children be released. Mina ambushes the witches, killing many of them with a gatling gun. In the midst of the chaos, the Horned Witch, on orders from Muriel, attempts to continue the sacrifice, but she is killed by Hansel via getting shot in the head before she can do so.