The Horned Rat is the patron deity of the Skaven race in Games Workshop's
Warhammer world.

The only god worshipped by the Skaven, the Horned Rat desires the fall of all civilization, leaving its children the Skaven to inherit the world. The Skaven are fervent in their worship, and this is as much out of fear of retribution as it is piety - the Horned Rat is a wrathful god.

The Horned Rat embodies Skaven culture and ideals, and each Skaven clan, in their worship, places emphasis on different aspects of the god - the assassin clan Eshin emphasises stealth and secrecy, for example.

The Horned Rat is depicted as a rat's head with curving, goat-lik

The Horned Rat's symbol.

e horns, and its symbol is three lines formed into an inverted triangle, each point being an intersection of two crossed lines. His sacred number is held to be 13, which is echoed in many aspects of Skaven society - for example, for this reason, the Council of Thirteen, the high council which rules over the Skaven under-empire, always leaves its 13th and final chair empty, for the Horned Rat. The centre of his cult is located in Skavenblight, the subterranean capital of the Skaven.

Powerful Skaven wizards known as Grey Seers serve him as prophets, and as a result are extremely influential throughout all Skavendom. As well as being agents of the Council, they also preach of the Great Ascendancy, a time in which the multitudinous Skaven will rise to the surface, and finally conquer and enslave all surface nations.

The Horned Rat is considered a chaotic power, though not officially one of the Chaos Gods.