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Horace Belger is the original leader to the Mad Gear Gang and main antagonist to the first Final Fight game.

Final Fight

Belger is a wealthy businessman and former street fighter, who acts as the mastermind behind Mad Gear's activities, though it is originally not stated what his true intentions are. Later installments reveal Belger believes the Mad Gear is a means to create a new kind of society, by taking the young off the streets and organizing them. Belger pretends to be crippled, walking around in a motorized wheelchair.

Belger is fought on the top floor of his luxurious building. He will initially use Jessica as a human shield, while walking around in his wheelchair and firing his crossbow. After the wheelchair is destroyed, he will start circling the room, jumping and firing faster. On the end he is knocked through the window, falling to his death.

Street Fighter Cartoon Series


Belger as he appears in the Street Fighter Cartoon series

He appears in the episode titled "Final Fight" where he has Rolento kidnap Jessica the daughter of Mike Haggar the new mayor of Metro City. Belger uses Jessica as a hostage to prevent Haggar from having the police arrest members of the Mad Gear so they can rob a diamond store. When he meets Ryu and Ken who are disguised as new members of the gang, Belger is quite impressed with them. Cody and Guy barge into his office and fight Belger having Ryu and Ken's cover blown. Belger falls out of his building and is seen hanging on a flag pole begging for his life.
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